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How To Light The Pilot On A Vent Free Gas Log Fireplace And Other Helpful Tips.

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How to light your Pilot

Lighting your pilot
  1. Make sure your main gas supply is ON.
  2. From the OFF position, turn the gas control knob (reads OFF, ON & PILOT) counterclockwise to the PILOT position.
  3. Push in the knob (this releases the gas to the pilot area only).
  4. With the control knob in, push the piezo ignitor in continuously until the pilot ignites (every 3-5 seconds).
  5. Once the pilot flame is lit*, keep the knob pushed in for 60 seconds.
  6. Release the knob if the pilot stays lit (If not, go back to step 3 and repeat).
  7. Turn the control knob counterclockwise to the ON position.
  8. If using a switch kit, the switch will now turn on/off the log set.
  9. If using a remote, make sure the remote receiver (black box) is switched to REMOTE and now your transmitter (remote) will turn on/off the log set.

*If the pilot flame did not light in step 4, there may be air in your gas line. If this is the case you may need to hold
the control knob in for a longer period until the air is pushed out. If you smell gas, wait 5 minutes until gas
dissipates before pushing in the piezo ignitor.


Here is a helpful video on how to help you light your pilot:


What if the pilot is lit but logs will not turn on with the remote?
  1. If you have a remote, change the batteries in your remote receiver AND remote transmitter. This is typically the
    number one reason.
  2. Make sure the control valve is in the ON position and not in PILOT.
  3. Make sure the remote receiver (black box in the fireplace) is in the REMOTE position.
  4. If the red light on the remote receiver is flashing then you need to replace the batteries.
Why does my gas log set shut itself off or why can’t I light my pilot?
  1. It needs service. The intakes on the burner and pilot get clogged with dust, pet hair and pet
    dander and the unit is not getting enough clean air to work properly. It shuts off as a safety
    a) If you live near Columbus, Ohio you can call Specialty Gas House at 614-261-0824 ext. 2 to schedule a service call. To get
    optimal performance out of your gas logs they should be serviced every 2-3 years.
Why is there an odor when my gas logs are on?
  1. They may need service.
  2. Logs have been unused for a period of time. (dust burning off logs)
  3. There could be a log out of place which is impinging the flame (refer to your owner’s
    manual for proper configuration).
  4. It could be from other elements in your home. For example, here are a few things to
    avoid when owning a vent-free log set:
    a) Burning candles
    b) Glade Plug-Ins or Potpourri
    c) Use of aerosols (spray paint, WD-40, etc.)
    d) Fresh paint, stain or solvents
    e) If you recently painted or have done housework, the smell should subside in a couple of weeks.

    • The strong smell will get drawn into the burner and put off an unpleasant smell. The smell is not harmful but should be avoided.

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  • Anonymous

    Does the “flue” need to be open to operate a gas fireplace?

    • Tony Kocheff

      It depends on if you have a vent-free or a vented gas log set. Vented sets need to have the flue wide open when operating. If your unit is a vent-free gas log, then you can keep the flue closed.

  • Carol Matune

    Specialty Gas House installed my vent free fireplace last February. I turned it off in the spring, removed the batteries, replaced the batteries today and turned it on but the flames are not as tall as last year. What would cause this and how can I remedy it? Thanks.

    • Tony Kocheff

      Your fireplace may be set to low. Turn the high-low knob on the front of your fireplace, all the way to the right. It should make the flame higher. Let me know if it doesn’t.

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