How to fix your Everwarm Fireplace Remote. (Model 4001TH-A)

everwarm model 4001th-a gas fireplace remote help

Troubleshooting your Everwarm Fireplace Remote. (Model # 4001TH-A)

**This is for models 2021 and newer. You can find the model number on the back of the remote. It will read 4001THA.  If your remote is grey and black, was purchased before 2021 or has the model number SKY-4001TH, please visit this page to learn how to fix your remote. Click here>>

First, change the batteries in the remote AND receiver box. (see pictures & video below for more help)
  1. Find your remote.
  2. The battery for the remote slides out the bottom of the remote.
  3. DO NOT remove the screw on the back of the remote. 
  4. You will need a small screwdriver to remove the battery compartment. You will see a little notch at the bottom of your remote, stick the screwdriver in there and pull the battery compartment out to reveal the battery. (See pictures below)
  5. Replace the battery with a CR2032 battery.
  6. Find the receiver box. It should be in the back corner of your fireplace, it has 2 wires attached to the control valve of your fireplace.
  7. Turn the receiver box over to reveal an arrow.
  8. Slide the bottom of the box with your thumb to reveal the batteries.
  9. Replace the batteries with NEW AA batteries.
  10. Once the batteries are changed in both the remote and receiver box, make sure the receiver box is set to REMOTE.
  11. Now hit ‘on’ with the remote and your main burner should light.
  12. If the fireplace turned on you’re all set! If it did not, continue below.
If your fireplace still won’t light, follow the steps below. (Check to see if the remote works after every step.)
  1. If you changed the batteries in both your remote and receiver box and it still won’t light, try these next steps to troubleshoot.
  2. Make sure the pilot is lit. If pilot is not, click HERE for instructions on how to light your pilot.
  3. Make sure your control valve (knob that says off, on and pilot) is in the ON position and not in PILOT.
  4. Make sure the remote receiver (black box in the fireplace) is in the REMOTE position.
  5. If the remote is still not turning the fireplace on, slide the receiver box to the on position.
  6. If the fireplace lit, but it won’t light in the remote position, the remote may need to be replaced.
  7. If the fireplace still did not light, check the connections from your receiver box to the control valve, and make sure they are attached and not loose.
  8. If you tried all of these steps and the fire still did not light, you may need service.
  9. The intakes on the burner and pilot may have gotten clogged with dust, pet hair and pet dander and the unit is not getting enough clean air to work properly. Vent-free units need to be serviced every 2-3 years.


How to sync your Everwarm EW4001TH-A fireplace remote to your receiver box. 

If you think the remote and receiver are not communicating with each other, use this method to sync them. 

  1. Make sure the receiver box is in the REMOTE position.
  2. Using a pencil or small screwdriver, hit the learn button on your receiver box. (You should see the red light start to blink)
  3. Then on your remote hit ON. 
  4. Your remote should now be synced and you should be able to turn the fireplace on using the remote. 


If you still can’t figure out the remote, we can test the remote and receiver box in our showroom in Columbus, Ohio. We also do in-house service calls if you live near central Ohio. For us to test your fireplace remote in our showroom, you would need to bring us the remote, receiver box, and wires for us to be able to test it. The receiver box and 2 wires will unplug from your control valve.

*If you don’t live in Columbus, Ohio, you can purchase a new remote online hereNew Everwarm Fireplace Remote



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