Fire Pits

A gas fire pit is a great way to enhance an outdoor space. With a gas fire pit you can let your creativity shine! Our custom fire pits can be done in any size, shape and style imaginable.

We work with your landscaper to create pits or fire features to complete the patio experience. The landscaper will build the surround for the fire pit and then we can install the gas line and the fire pit for you. We can also get you the exact burner you want and any extra features that you are looking for like glass or logs.

We are certified professional plumbers, we know exactly how to ensure you get the biggest flame possible with no whistle.

Contact us for a FREE quote or with any questions regarding your fire pit installation:

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gas fire pit install
Gas fire pit
gas fire pit installation
gas fire pit
Gas Fire Pit Installation
gas fire pit installation
gas fire pit installation
gas fire pit installation