How to troubleshoot your Everwarm Fireplace Remote. (SKY-4001TH)

everwarm ew400th remote

Troubleshooting your Everwarm Fireplace Remote. (SKY-4001TH)

First, change the batteries in the remote AND receiver box. (see pictures below for more help)
  1. Find your remote.
  2. The battery for the remote slides out the bottom of the remote.
  3. Use your thumb to push the triangle at the bottom away from your remote to reveal the battery.
  4. Replace the battery with a CR2032 battery.
  5. Find the receiver box. It should be in the back corner of your fireplace, it has 2 wires attached to the control valve of your fireplace.
  6. Turn the receiver box over to reveal an arrow.
  7. Slide the bottom of the box with your thumb to reveal the batteries.
  8. Replace the batteries with NEW AA batteries.
  9. Once the batteries are changed in both the remote and receiver box, make sure the receiver box is set to remote.
  10. Now hit ‘on’ with the remote and your main burner should light.
  11. If the fireplace turned on you’re all set! If it did not, continue below.
If your fireplace still won’t light, follow the steps below. (Check to see if remote works after every step.)
  1. If you changed the batteries in both your remote and receiver box and it still won’t light, try these next steps to troubleshoot.
  2. Make sure the pilot is lit. If pilot is not, click HERE for instructions on how to light your pilot.
  3. Make sure your control valve (knob that says off, on and pilot) is in the ON position and not in PILOT.
  4. Make sure remote receiver (black box in fireplace) is in the REMOTE position.
  5. Check to see if the settings on the back of your receiver box AND remote are set to the same frequencies.
  6. If the remote is still not turning the fireplace on, slide the receiver box to the on position.
  7. If the fireplace lit, but it won’t light in the remote position, the remote may need replaced.
  8. If the fireplace still did not light, check the connections from your receiver box to the control valve, make sure they are attached and not loose.
  9. If you tried all of these steps and the fire still did not light, you may need service.
  10. The intakes on the burner and pilot may have gotten clogged with dust, pet hair and pet dander and the unit is not getting enough clean air to work properly. Vent free units need serviced every 2-3 years.


If you still can’t figure out the remote, we can test the remote and receiver box in our showroom in Columbus, Ohio. We also do in house service calls if you live near central Ohio. In order for us to test your fireplace remote in our showroom, you would need to bring us the remote, receiver box, and the wires for us to be able to test it. The receiver box and 2 wires will unplug from your control valve.


everwarm ew4001th fireplace remote
replacing batteries in fireplace remote
fixing fireplace remote batteries
fixing fireplace remote
everwarm ew4001th fireplace remote battery
ew4001th receiver box
everwarm ew4001th remote receiver
changing batteries in fireplace remote
fireplace remote batteries
everwarm ew400th remote receiver
everwarm fireplace remote frequincy
fireplace control valve for remote

Updated: If you opened the sky4001th remote up by the screw, see below:

With the remote opened up, find the two silver prongs that may have fallen out. Those 2 silver prong looking things have 2 holes on the flat side. (Before you put them back, bend the prongs up a little bit so they have a better connection when they’re put back on). With the casing opened, one side will have 2 circles. The 2 silver items that fell out go on that. If you look closely at the two circles on the casing, there will be 2 dots sticking up, that is where you will set the 2 holes of the silver pieces. It fits right on to that. View the pictures below to find out exactly where they go. Then simply put the remote back together and don’t remove the screw again!

sky4001th remote opened up
sky4001th remote opend up 2

Interested in a new gas fireplace or remote? visit our showroom in Columbus, Ohio!


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ventless gas logs tips

How To Light The Pilot On A Vent Free Gas Log Fireplace And Other Helpful Tips.

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How to light your Pilot

Lighting your pilot
  1. Make sure your main gas supply is ON.
  2. From OFF position, turn gas control knob (reads OFF, ON & PILOT) counterclockwise to PILOT position.
  3. Push in knob (this releases the gas to the pilot area only).
  4. With control knob in, push the piezo ignitor in continuously until pilot ignites (every 3-5 seconds).
  5. Once pilot flame is lit*, keep knob pushed in for 60 seconds.
  6. Release knob if pilot stays lit (If not, go back to step 3 and repeat).
  7. Turn control knob counterclockwise to the ON position.
  8. If using switch kit, the switch will now turn on/off the log set.
  9. If using remote, make sure remote receiver (black box) is switched to REMOTE and now your transmitter (remote) will turn on/off the log set.*If pilot flame did not light there may be air in your gas line. If this is the case you may need to hold
    control knob in for a longer period until the air is pushed out. If you smell gas, wait 5 minutes until gas
    dissipates before pushing in piezo ignitor.
What if pilot is lit but logs will not turn on with the remote?
  1. If you have a remote, change the batteries in your remote receiver AND remote transmitter. This is typically the
    number one reason.
  2. Make sure control valve is in ON position and not in PILOT.
  3. Make sure remote receiver (black box in fireplace) is in the REMOTE position.
  4. If red light on remote receiver is flashing then you need to replace batteries.
Why does my gas log set shut itself off?
  1. It needs service. The intakes on the burner and pilot get clogged with dust, pet hair and pet
    dander and the unit is not getting enough clean air to work properly. It shuts off as a safety
          a) You can call Specialty Gas House at 614-261-0824 to schedule a service call. To get
               optimal performance out of your gas logs they should be serviced every 2-3 years.

CALL NOW (614) 261-0824

Why is there an odor when my gas logs are on?
  1. They may need service.
  2. Logs have been unused for a period of time. (dust burning off logs)
  3. There could be a log out of place which is impinging the flame (refer to your owner’s
    manual for proper configuration).
  4. It could be from other elements in your home. For example, here are a few things to
    avoid when owning a vent free log set:
         a) Burning candles
         b) Glade Plug-Ins or Potpourri
         c) Use of aerosols (spray paint, WD-40, etc.)
         d) Fresh paint, stain or solvents  
         e) If you recently painted or done house work, the smell should subside in a couple weeks.

    • The strong smell will get drawn in to the burner and put off an unpleasant smell. The smell is not harmful but should be avoided. 

Interested in a new gas fireplace?

Our shop, Specialty Gas House,  carries vent free and vented gas logs, vent free and direct vent inserts and heaters by some of the finest manufacturers in the industry. Take a look at our selection at the link below or visit us at 4500 Indianola ave. Columbus, OH, 43214