Troubleshoot Everwarm SKY-4001TH Remote

Is your fireplace Everwarm SKY-4001TH remote not working? The first step, whether it is this remote or any fireplace remote, is to change the batteries in your remote AND receiver box. This will probably need to be done every year. Click the link below for more help on this. 

How to Light Pilot 

Do you need to light your pilot light on your vent-free unit? Did your pilot light go out randomly and you're not sure why? Click the link below for some helpful tips to help light your pilot light and figure out why it went out. 

How to Choose the Right Smoking Wood

Choosing the best type of wood is an essential part of smoking meat, it is right up there with choosing the right time and temperature. Depending on what type of food/meat you’re going to smoke, you need to pick the right type of wood so it perfectly matches the flavor profile of your meat. Click the button below to check out our smoking wood guide.

Big Green Egg Yearly Service

The Big Green Egg is the most versatile and longest-lasting grill on the market, but like most things in life, they need a little TLC every once in a while. A Big Green Egg will last you a lifetime, as long as you make sure to give it a little love. The biggest thing that needs to be done yearly, if not bi-annually, is the tightening of all the nuts and bolts.

What is Causing Sear Magic Grids to Warp?

There are some maintenance steps that need to be performed to keep your grids in tip-top shape and minimize the risk of warping. Click the link for several reasons that could cause warping of a SearMagic cooking grid when the proper maintenance is not performed routinely on the grill.