Propane Refill

We offer propane refill on all propane cylinders. From 5lb to 100lb propane tanks, forklift tanks, RVs, Campers, and Food Trucks. We also sell propane cylinders if you need a brand new one or if yours is out of date. We can recycle your old cylinders that you do not need for a small fee. If you buy a new one from us that fee is waived.

When you have your 20lb grill tanks refilled by us you receive more propane for your buck. Exchanging grill tanks net you only 15lbs of propane. When filled by us, we fill to the max, 20lbs. You receive 5lbs extra when you have your grill tank refilled at Specialty Gas House. We also do a rewards program here on 20lb grill tanks. Every 6th tank you bring to us to get filled will be free on us, can’t beat that deal!
$15 Friday!
On Fridays will fill 20lb grill tanks for only $15 including tax!
Specialty Gas House is conveniently located on Indianola Avenue at Beaumont Road in Columbus, Ohio. Our address is 4500 Indianola ave. Columbus, OH 43214. Click the link below for directions or contact us here with any questions.
propane refill