The Holiday season is upon us and it's time to start thinking about what you're going to cook! Whether you are cooking the main dish, a side or a dessert, we have you covered! These recipes are from some of our favorite brands that we carry and many of them utilize their own seasonings that we stock at the shop. If a recipe calls for cooking on a specific grill that you don't have...come buy it - or simply use your oven. There is no need to follow these recipes exactly. Not a big fan of the family get-togethers around the Holiday Season? We even have some delicious drink recipes to get you through it! Now have a Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

Main Dish Recipes

Prime Rib Recipes

Here are a few different prime rib recipes that are sure to please your guests. There are also some great tips on how to pick out the perfect size, how to season your prime rib and how to cook it to the perfect temperature.


Ham with Bourbon Peach Glaze

Cooked hams are very popular at the grocery store. Taking that cooked ham, smoking it to temperature, and applying this glaze will really take your Holiday meal to the next level! That is where the classic, double-smoked, name comes from.


Spatchcock Turkey

A spatchcocked turkey is a great way to prepare a turkey so it cooks evenly and presents beautifully! You can brine the turkey whole or spatchcock it first. It doesn't matter!


Smoked Ham

Can't have holidays without the holiday ham - and none is better than home-smoked ham with your favorite glaze. Here is a recipe that utilizes Kosmos Q Dirty Bird & Killer Bee rub and glaze.


Meat Church Prime Rib

You can't go wrong with Prime Rib during the Holidays. This is an easy recipe from Meat Church BBQ for a smoked version. Don't have a smoker, no problem, this recipe can also be used with your oven at home.


Appetizer Recipes

Smoked Cream Cheese

Smoked Cream Cheese?! That's right, this tasty and incredibly simple recipe will be great as an appetizer before the main meal. This recipe utilizes Meat Church BBQ rubs but feel free to use your own favorite.


Smoked MOINK Balls

Meatballs, wrapped with bacon, then glazed with BBQ sauce...You know you are going to try these just by the name! Nobody would blame you, these beauties taste even more amazing than they look.


Butternut Squash Soup

Served piping hot with a hunk of crusty bread, this creamy, nourishing butternut squash soup recipe is Winter comfort food at its best. This recipe uses a Big Green Egg but it can be cooked in many other ways.


Pig Shots

Starting a get together with family is always better when you start with a shot! Try this recipe for meat shots, more precisely, pig shots! This recipe from Meat Church will have everyone feeling great and in a good mood.


Side Dish Recipes

Gouda Mashed Potatoes

Trying to find the perfect match for the prime rib you're making? Look no further! This recipe is super delicious and pretty easy to make. The gouda makes these potatoes extra creamy and Kosmos Q's Texas Beef seasoning perfects it.


Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts and bacon, a match made in heaven. What makes this recipe even better than normal brussels sprouts recipes, is Lane's Qnami seasoning. It adds a very unique and delicious flavor that will have people going back for seconds.


Grilled Salad

This is the recipe for when your family tells you to bring the salad, but you only know how to grill! In all seriousness, this grilled salad recipe is super easy to make and the grill adds an amazing flavor to the romaine.


Smoked Mac & Cheese

Everyone loves mac and cheese. Save the space inside by cooking this simple recipe on your smoker/grill. The 3 cheese blend will create possibly the cheesiest, tastiest mac and cheese you have ever had in your life.


Chuck's Corn Casserole

This corn casserole recipe from Dizzy Pig is a crowd-pleaser for sure! The corn brings a vibrant flavor to this dish while the chilies, jalapeños and Shakin’ the Tree rub add a pop, perfect for winter gatherings.


Dessert Recipes

Cast Iron Caramel Apple Pie

Who doesn't love apple pie?! This apple pie recipe is cooked in a cast-iron pan and can be placed in your oven or add a little grilled flavor to it by putting it in your Big Green Egg or Green Mountain Grill.


Outdoor Pumpkin Pie

Grilling season is not over until it’s over, even if it’s pumpkin season already! This is a delicious recipe that will get you grilling this Winter if you’re up for the challenge of making your own pumpkin pie from scratch.


Apple Crisp

Doesn’t the thought of a warm, homemade Apple Crisp make your mouth water? Pure, hearty, fresh off the skillet… you can make this on the grill, too! This is an easy apple crisp recipe that goes really well with DIY dulce de leche.


Apple Pie Blondies

These soft and chewy apple pie blondies combine Lanes Apple Pie seasoning with brown sugar and flavorful butter that makes for a great dessert. While it's hot make sure to add some vanilla bean ice cream on it, you'll thank me later!


Drink Recipes

Holiday Old Fashioned

This Old Fashioned recipe is pretty similar to a regular old fashioned but this one adds some triple sec, rosemary, and also maple syrup for a little sweetness. The rosemary hits your nose when you drink this and adds so much to the flavor!


Bourbon Evergreen Cocktail

This bourbon drink is very simple to make with ingredients that you should already have. This recipe calls for TX Whiskey but feel free to add your favorite. Bourbon, lemon, honey, and a sage leaf can't go wrong here.


Fig Bourbon Smash

A slight twist on the classic bourbon smash, this recipe uses the tart flavor of figs instead of lemon. This is a great drink that looks as good as it tastes. Impress your family with this simple, tasty recipe.


Stranded at the In-Laws Margarita

Make your in-laws happy with this cocktail recipe...Or make a day with them a lot more bearable! This recipe is a quickie that's gonna make some heads turn, and it's actually pretty easy to pull off!

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