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Vent Free, Direct Vent, Wood, Bio-Ethanol, we do it all! And with Central Ohio's largest selection to boot. Get with the professionals at Specialty Gas House to determine what fireplace suits you. After all, this is not a one-size-fits-all world.


Our selection of quality grills is unsurpassed and our expertise is second to none. We stock the brands that last! If we wouldn't put it on our own patio, we won't sell it.

Vent Free

Natural Gas and Propane, no matter what your fuel choice, we have a gas grill to fit your needs. Great brands like MHP, Firemagic, American Outdoor Grill, Broilmaster, Twin Eagles and Kuuma.

The Hearth Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA) rates the average lifespan of today's gas grills at 3.5 years. That's atrocious! Thanks for nothing hardware stores.

We are here to change this trend.

How are we doing it? Most our grills have lifetime warranties associated with them and are built to withstand the elements for decades, not years. Take that Wally World.


The only charcoal grill we have ever carried is the Big Green Egg. Quite possibly the most versatile bbq and grilling product known to man.

BGE is all ceramic, making significant heat loss a thing of the past. Less heat loss translates to less fuel used and less oxygen needed to keep temperatures up, which means juicier meats and a wider temperature range than gas.

Griller, smoker, roaster, the Big Green Egg does it all! And well too, this is no junky hybrid my friend. Competition grade at a non-competition price and built to last a lifetime.

Even we can't say enough about this maven of the meat. But when words escape us, we let the owners do the talking. Check out their forum at www.biggreenegg.com/forums.html to hear from some real EggHeads.


Custom or pre-fab, if you can dream it, we can do it. Outdoor living spaces have been growing in popularity for years and there has never been a larger selection of styles and setups than there is today. We can help you design your dream outdoor fire feature. We love to play with fire!


Let your creativity shine! Our custom firepits can be done in any size, shape and style imaginable.

We work with your landscaper (or we can recommend one) to create pits or fire features to complete the patio experience.

For more ideas and past projects check out our gallery here.

Cut costs by getting a firepit that's ready to assemble and burn out of the box. Wood pits are offered in many styles and sizes allowing you to go from snores to S'mores in no time flat.

Have a portable firepit you want converted to gas logs? We can make it happen. Bring in your pit for the ease and convenience of gas.


Gas Lights

Nowhere in Central Ohio will you find people with more expertise on Gas Lights than us. We are your one-stop-shop for mantels, burners, finials for all makes and models.

Having trouble finding those elusive Gas Light mantels? We ALWAYS have them in stock for you.

Got a classic? We also do antique Gas Light restoration.

Vent free log systems are at the pinnacle of heat efficiency. Requiring no flue to operate, these heaters boast a 99.9% AFUE rating meaning more bang-for-buck and lowered heating bills. There is not a more effective heater you can install in your home.

We offer such great brands as Monessen, Empire, and Real Fyre by RH Peterson. These are some of the most durable, clean burning, and best-looking brands in the market.

Logs, crushed glass, see-thru, wall mounted, the design options for ventless systems are limitless. This product will make even the most drafty living spaces the warmest room in the house.

Direct Vent

Direct Vent fireplaces are sealed combustion units that radiate heat via a solid glass front enclosure. The vent is a coaxial pipe that brings in combustion air from the outside to feed the fire and returns the exhausted gases out the same way.

Direct Vents are generally associated with heat efficiency ratings around 65 to 75% but can reach up to 95% on certain models. Blower systems can be incorporated in order to circulate heated air from the box back into the room.

Monessen, Empire, Lennox, Superior, Napoleon, and Kingsman are some of the quality Direct Vent brands we carry.  


The latest in 'Green' fireplace technology, Bio-Ethanol fireplaces burn a liquid or gel sustainable plant based denatured alcohol. This Eco Fuel burns completely clean with only moisture as a byproduct.

The stainless steel burner houses the fuel and is lit by hand. When finished, the burner tray closes snuffing the flame.

We offer many manufacturers including Anywhere Fireplace, Bio-Flame and EcoSmart. Clean contemporary lines and simple easy-to-install setups make these fireplaces adaptable to any location in the home and helps liven up any decor.

Many units are designed for both indoor and outdoor use as the unit pictured here demonstrates. The Gramercy from Anywhere Fireplace is a versatile stand-alone unit.

Table-top fire features are also available in a variety of designs as well.

Yes an electric fireplace. Sounds like an oxymoron but these are good looking fireplaces that can be installed anywhere there is electricity. This plug-and-play setup also feature space heaters built in to help take the chill off any room.

Prefabricated metal wood burning fireplaces are much more affordable than their masonry counterparts and deliver the same warm ambiance too.

Sizes range from 36" all the way to  massive 50" opening dimensions to meet any size room.

Monessen, Lennox and Superior are just a sampling of the brands that manufacture high quality circulating and radiant fireboxes.

You don't get more realistic than this!


Thermo-Rite and Portland Willamette manufacture some of the nicest fireplace enclosures in the world. Plenty of design styles and finishes are available to meet even the pickiest decorators needs.

Doors are typically either Custom or Stock depending on the model but all are made to exact-fit specifications for your fireplaces unique dimensions.

Masonry and Prefabricated fireplace enclosures are available as well as custom mesh curtains and mesh doors.

The devil is in the details, and this is never more true than with fireplace doors. Specify filigree or draft door options, plated or powder coated finishes, glass tint and bevel choices, even specific frame outer frame dimensions.

We custom measure for you so ordering is worry free!

Screens, Tool Sets and Accessories

We offer a huge assortment of screens and tools in a plethora of finishes and styles.

Brass, black, bronze, hand hammered, bring you design ideas! These products are ready to order.

We also stock wood grates, ash dump doors, clean-out doors, chimney caps and other fireplace necessities. Contact us for further info or for that hard-to-find product.
Grilling Accessories

No one grills like we do!

Our selection of Rubs, Sauces, Wood Chips, Charcoal Starters, Covers, Tools, Rotisserie, and other Barbecue accessories is unparalleled.

We also build custom hoses and have Central Ohio's largest assortment of Gas Grill replacement parts in stock. What we don't have we can usually get for you.

Talk to one of our grilling experts to further your education in your outdoor culinary efforts. Also, check out our annual Grill Cooking Classes. Sign up for info here.

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